Each of the stereoviews has been tagged with the following primary filters Theatre, Subject, Source and Publisher - click on the drop down lists and select any combination of these to limit your selection. In addition, the stereoviews have the following secondary tags, ie. detail that may or may not be present in the image. Include these to refine your selection.

    • Service Arm – make a selection from the drop down list
    • Location - enter a search term in the "search term" box
    • Regiment / Ship - enter a search term in the "search term" box
    • Battle or Engagement - enter a search term in the "search term" box
    • Image Date - enter a search term in the "search term" box
    • Nationality of Combatants - enter a search term in the "search term" box
    • Image ID - enter the ID number to select a specific image
    • Images with Anaglyphs - tick the box to display only those images that have an associated anaglyph


For example, if you want to display stereoviews of British combatants in behind the lines scenes from the Western Front do this ...

Select "Western Front" from the Theatre drop down list, select "Behind the Lines" from the Subject drop down and enter "British" in the Search Term field (no quotation marks required). Click on the Filter button and a thumbnail list of your images will be displayed. Click on a thumbnail to view a larger image, more details and add comments.

The Jordan/Ference Collection provides these images free of charge to researchers, collectors, academics, and for personal use with proper attribution (Jordan/Ference Collection courtesy of; in the case of commercial use please email

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Cathedrale stalles- cathedral pews

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Vue genèrale - general view

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